A White-Label Fintech Partner

A preferred partner for accelerated financial inclusion for over 18 years. Creating many new opportunities and transactional business models for banks, MNO’s and other institutes.

Kineto Explained

Our latest projects

Think it. Create it. Launch it.

Supercharge your existing bank infrastructure.

In our ecosystem we provide the ability to create products, services and applications for many market-specific needs, in record time. Our ecosystem is fully integrated with the patented Smart payment system called Payby2D.

Lifestyle-based super apps

An entire ecosystem unified into a single application interface.

There’s no limit to the customer journey possibilities with our white-labeled lifestyle-based super applications. Customizable down to a community level within your organization.

Diverse use-case portfolio

Smart Request to Pay

Payments. Deposits. Withdrawals. Transfers. Loyalty & more.

Payby2D is a new patented smart transaction process. It provides Anonymous smart, friction-less, cashless and card-less payment. Settlement of virtually any digital value system with a simple integration with the Payby2D Restful API’s.

Why We’re The Preferred Fintech Business

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