Market-based Solutions

Secure Digital Banking

Agent & Virtual Banking. Emerging Market Banking. Cash to Digital Accounts

Mobile banking or agent banking is well-known to be the “go-to-service” to provide financial inclusion solutions to mass markets. Our platform is able to provide multiple instances of both and can be established within a few days.


Cashless, alternative, digital, smart, mobile payments. Novel Lending Solutions (eg BNPL)

Smart payments unified with services like loyalty and rewards provides a powerful competitive edge. More so a service like buy now and pay later is easily enabled throughout a range of payment offerings.

Loyalty / Rewards

Loyalty as Currency. Loyalty as a Service.

Loyalty and rewards programs need no longer be a separate service contracted with various parties. With the Kineto ecosystem it is all built into the smart payment mechanisms. No more need of plastic cards, no more complicated programming of business rules. Each loyalty provider could have a dedicated value store for their specific rewards or loyalty that would only be spendable with their stores.


Last-mile Impact as a Service & Digital inclusion solutions

The ecosystem with the combined platform suite and architecture enables rapid roll-out of fintech solutions that are delivering measurable impact in community and society. The data warehouse enables advanced reporting capabilities and accountability reports to grant makers or donors. features like sub-wallets ensure purpose-specific funds distribution and spending control.

Digital Assets

Digitized and Tokenized Assets As A Currency

Operate any unit of value as a currency! If you can create units and assign values to the units you can operate them as a currency on our platform with all the features and functions available in the digital banking platform and other platforms like the e-vending platform. Switch on a whole new alternative way of doing transactions in a matter of days.


Novel Insurance Solutions such as Prepaid Insurance

Pre-paid services and products are gaining popularity throughout the various markets in the world, emerging markets are probably the leaders in the use of pre-paid services and products and with the Kineto ecosystem you can now even create and manage pre-paid insurance product of virtually any nature or applications. Death benefits, asset insurance, medical cover, short term specialist insurance and the list goes on. Business rules pertaining to subscription and top-ups are managed via our administration consoles. Create a mobile agent network for your products in record time using low-level technology like text menus (USSD) or simple apps