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Alternative Fintech  transactions at scale.

We enable clients and partners to create and perform alternative, innovative, white-labeled fintech transactions.

We Enable Next Generation Fintech.

By operating our ecosystem and using our extensive REST API’s you can rapidly build your fintech business. REST API’s linked to several core platforms, modules and features combined as a hub for extensive transaction capability.

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We keep our world-wide customers ahead of the curb.

Enable new advanced ways for unified revenue generating transactions. Alternative currencies, digitization of commodities. Loyalty as currency and much more…

Digital Value Stores

Customer and merchant account system. Store and transact with any defined digital currency.

Digital, agent & virtual banking.

Pre-paid Insurance Module

Create, on-board and manage pre-paid insurance products through an agent network.

In-house Commodity exchange

VCOMX is our in-house developed virtual commodity exchange and provides a new way to define and transact with digitized commodities as digital currencies. Fintech on unequaled levels.

Tons of Features & Solutions

An extensive bouquet of features and solutions available to create and facilitate digital transactions.

Intelligent Payments

Patented request-to-pay mobile push payments & more. Card issuing, acquiring and integrations.

Subscription & Payment Aggregation

An extensive platform to manage product subscriptions and payment collections

Quick-build white-labeled application platform.

A rapid application building platform for financial lifestyle and banking apps.

VAS e-Vending

Enterprise VAS e-Vending solution as part of Agora MTX API or in-store solution available. Rapid agent and merchant on-boarding.

Digital Fintech solutions for virtually any industry

  • Banking
  • Telcos
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Closed-loop
  • Retail
  • Loyalty as currency
  • Fintechs
  • Governments
  • E-commerce
  • Alternative to cash
  • Digitization of assets
  • Alternative currencies
  • and more…
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A Vast Financial Transaction Ecosystem Built Over The Last 20 Years

With no less than 8 different enterprise-grade financial transaction platforms combined into one ecosystem, “staying ahead of competition” comes standard out of the box.

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Our numbers inspire...

We help you climb the Fintech mountains

Building a Fintech business is much like climbing a mountain. You have to have the right gear and a deeply experienced team to make the journey safely and reach the top. Kineto understands the business of Fintech and the levels of innovation needed to create the next unicorns of the marketplace.


Days to set up a new bank ledger


Countries around the world


Avg transactions per client per day.